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Our Values

Values show us what's important, how we should behave and inspire us to be the best we can be. They support our vision and guide the way we make decisions and operate as a business.

In late 2021, we asked customers and employees to tell us what they thought the values of Community Housing should be.

They told us that it was very simple – RESPECT.

Respect in the way that we communicate, deliver services, involve and consider customers and ourselves.

RESPONSIBLE - We do what we say we will do and honour our commitment to colleagues and customers.

EQUALITY - We see the person first and make sure our behaviour is always appropriate and courteous.

SUPPORT - We value the support we receive from our managers and colleagues to achieve wellness and balance so we can be at our best when we deliver services to customers.

PASSION - We believe in the work that we do and the difference we can make, no matter what stage we have been involved.

EXPERTISE - We bring our skills and experience to our work and know that they will be valued as much as we value those demonstrated by colleagues.

COMMUNICATE - We are thoughtful in the way we communicate to customers and colleagues and we make sure that we respond promptly, even though we may not have the answer straight away.

TOGETHER - We value being part of the Community Housing Team and we work better together to achieve the right outcomes for our customers and colleagues.

The discussions also helped us to clarify Our Purpose which is simple but strong

"To provide affordable, quality homes and deliver great services in safe communities"

Our Purpose keeps us on track and prevents us from being distracted from our core services and commitments made in the Corporate Plan.