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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Customer Voice & Assurance Group (CVAG)?

This is a group made up entirely of customers of Community Housing. The term ‘customer’ means tenants, leaseholders, shared owners and anyone who receives a service from us.

What’s the role of Customer Voice & Assurance Group?

The purpose of CVAG is to make sure that customers help to make continuous improvements to services and have a say in making decisions that affect customers. The role is to provide a strong link between customers and our Board of Directors. As a member you will help to review and scrutinise our services and the way we engage with customers. The CVAG will have a significant role in monitoring a wide range of services and ensure that customers’ views and opinions are heard by the Board of Directors.

What sort of things will CVAG look at?

Members will consider performance on customer services and look in greater details at things like:

  • How quickly are repairs completed? Are customers happy with the overall repairs service?
  • Are we listening to our customers and delivering services in ways that meet their needs?
  • Do we deliver good customers services, and if not, why not?

Can a CVAG member raise personal issues?

Members must declare interests at the beginning of each meeting and are not allowed to raise individual or personal issues for discussion.

What about confidentiality?

CVAG members will be provided with training on confidentiality and data protection and be expected to sign relevant papers to confirm that they will keep all information confidential. Members will get various reports and evidence, but the information will not be sensitive.

How many places are there on the CVAG?

We are currently reviewing the number of members who can be appointed onto CVAG. This is to ensure that we a good succession plan for the future.

Who can become a member of the CVAG?

Anyone who uses our services can become a member. You must be aged 18 and over and must not be a member of the Board of Directors or an employee of the Company.

Anyone who has been served with a legal notice or is in breach of the terms of any legal contract with the Company will not be eligible to join. Only one representative from each household will be allowed to serve on the CVAG at any one time. If there is more than one application from the same household or property, we will choose the person that best meets what we are looking for.

How long can I remain on the CVAG?

A member may serve a maximum of 2 terms of 3 years (6 years in total). After this, those that have served the longest will retire first.

What support will be given to CVAG members?

Members will be given full training about their role, responsibilities and how to scrutinise services. We will build capacity and support customers to successfully participate in customer involvement and scrutiny.

Will members be paid?

The role is unpaid. We will pay for your travel and other reasonable out of pocket expenses such as childcare and travel when you attend meetings and training events.

Will there be lots of papers to read?

We will give you all the information you need to assess a service and understand the views of customers. We will work with you to agree the best way to provide this information and wherever possible try to avoid you having the read long reports.

What about my personal needs?

We want to remove as many barriers as possible and will ask CVAG applicants and members about how we can support them with things like providing information in large print and alternative formats. We will always ensure that meetings and training are held at venues with suitable disabled access.

How much time will members have to set aside?

In addition to time to attend training events, members will attend around 12 meetings per year plus time to read papers before meetings. We estimate an average of around one day per month of your voluntary time.

Can a CVAG member be removed?

Yes, but only in limited circumstances, such as not maintaining confidentiality, not keeping to the Code of Conduct or if they are in a dispute with Community Housing about their tenancy conditions or a service contract.

Will I have to have an interview?

Yes, there is an interview process, but it’s nothing to worry about. This is to make sure that applicants understand what it means to be a CVAG member and can bring some of the skills required.

What skills are we looking for in CVAG members?

We will provide training and support to CVAG members. We welcome applicants to demonstrate ANY of the skills listed below. We don’t expect applicants to have ALL these skills, we will support you with any training that you may need.

Skills What does this mean?
Wanting to make a difference
  • An interest in working on behalf of other customers to improve the quality of homes and services provided by Community Housing.
  • Being enthusiastic about making a difference to services and properties provided by Community Housing
  • Understanding the diverse needs of customers
  • Making balanced and reasonable judgements
  • Some knowledge or experience of services provided by Community Housing and an awareness of customers' priorities.
  • Commitment to good customer service and applying it in the best interests of customers and Community Housing
  • Interest in finding out about external comparative standards and performance, policies and procedures.
Personal commitment to work as part of a team
  • Taking the time to understand Community Housing’s main policies and procedures
  • Wanting to work with others as part of a team
  • Ability to keep to agreed rules
  • Maintaining high standards of personal behaviour by going beyond personal interests, maintaining confidentiality, respecting other people’s right to voice their opinion, treating everyone fairly and declaring conflict of interest
  • Being prepared to listen to a wide range of views
  • Expressing views in a constructive manner
  • Effectively communicating by listening, using appropriate methods and language.
Time commitment
  • Attend at least 12 meetings each year
  • Attend relevant training
  • Make time for personal development and training highlighted in a Personal Development Plan
  • Set aside 1 day each month to support the work of the CVAG by preparing for and attending meetings and carrying out agreed tasks.

For more information, please contact Gill Mooney, Governance and Regulation Manager.


Telephone: 01562 733037 Mobile: 07773 384686