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Terms of Reference


To provide a link between the governing body and customers to ensure that customers are able to contribute to strategic decision making and inform the development of customer services.

Contribute to effective co-regulation by reviewing and scrutinising the delivery of customer services and hold the Company to account where performance falls below these targets.


7 Members, appointed through an open skill based recruitment process. The majority must be tenants.

Co-optees up to a maximum total Group size of 9.


  • Governance and Regulation Manager
  • Directors and Service Heads as appropriate.

Term of Office: Two terms of three years.


  • Performance across all customer services within the Company
  • Customer involvement strategy to ensure that it is operating effectively and delivering the key objectives
  • Implemented actions emerging from each Scrutiny review
  • Customer feedback including complaints and satisfaction
  • Programme of scrutiny reviews.
  • Regulatory consumer standards
  • Service standards


  • Serviced by the Governance and Regulation Manager
  • Minimum of six times per year
  • Chair - A Member appointed through open skills based recruitment process
  • Quorum - A minimum of 5 members (3 of which must be tenants)
  • Minutes - draft minutes to be produced and agreed with the Chair within 5 working days of meetings.

Approving & Receiving

  • Performance reports
  • Feedback and outcomes of customer consultation and involvement
  • Annual programme of scrutiny reviews
  • Customer related policies and procedures
  • Business Plan/corporate priorities (annually).

Accountable to

  • Stakeholders
  • Board.

Appointment to Advisers

  • Appointment of independent advisers as required to deliver its objects.

Fixed Agenda Items

  • Performance Reports (for all Customer services)
  • Scrutiny Reports
  • Asset Management and Development updates
  • Housing updates
  • Governance and Regulation updates as appropriate
  • Value for Money updates
  • Future consultation and involvement plans.