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Feedback & Complaints

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We want to provide affordable, quality homes and deliver great services in safe communities but sometimes we get things wrong.

We welcome opportunities to learn where things haven't gone right and how we can improve your experience with us, correct our mistakes and avoid them happening again in the future. To do this, we encourage you to raise your concerns with us.

We aim to deal with all complaints effectively and sensitively, within set response times, working with customers to understand where we can improve. We are committed to equality and will treat everyone with honesty, respect and trust, and consider the different needs of people wishing to make a complaint to us.

When you make a complaint, it will be handled by a member of our Customer Experience Team, who will liaise with you throughout your complaint. Our team may contact you to gather more information about your complaint and your desired outcome regarding the situation.

Customers can appoint an individual or organisation to deal with their complaint, but they must complete an Authority to Act Form which we can provide on request.

We will deal with complaints through our Complaints Procedure, which follows guidelines set by the Housing Ombudsman - the regulatory body for customers who are dissatisfied with services from their landlord.

There are 2 formal stages to our procedure.

Stage 1

Complaints will be investigated by an impartial manager and a formal response, including a proposed resolution, will be sent to the customer within 10 working days.

If the customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation, they can request that the complaint is reviewed independently, clearly stating the reasons why they remain unhappy with the outcome.

Stage 2

The complaint investigation and proposed resolution will be reviewed by a Head of Service who has had no previous involvement in the complaint and the customer will have the opportunity to have the complaint reviewed by a member of our Customer Voice and Assurance Group.

A formal response confirming the outcome of the review will be sent to the customer within 20 working days.

Complaints Procedure

Ombudsman Service

If the customer remains dissatisfied, they can refer their complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service for review.

The Ombudsman Service provides help and support and can be contacted at any stage of the complaints process for advice and guidance, and are contactable on 0300 111 3000.

As part of the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code, there is a requirement for us to demonstrate we are compliant, by undertaking an annual self-assessment with customers, a copy of our most recent self-assessment can be found here: Housing Ombudsman Self-Assessment Form.

Make a Complaint

Compliments and Feedback

It's always good to hear when we have gone the extra mile or made a positive difference.

If you think we are doing something well or that our colleagues have given a great service, then please let us know. Compliments and comments help us to know what we're doing well and that our efforts are appreciated. All compliments will be passed directly to the people concerned.

Compliment Us

The Government has set out a Charter for Social Housing Providers including expectations in the way that complaints are handled. More information about the Charter and guidance for customers can be found in the Social Housing Complaints Campaign.