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Repair Responsibility Chart

This chart will help you to check which repairs you are responsible for and which repairs we are responsible for.

There are different priorities for repairs.

E - Emergency repairs which we will make safe within 24 hours.

A - All other repair work which will be carried out by agreed appointment (except communal areas).

P - Planned work which we will contact you about in advance.

Downloadable PDF version

Repair We are Responsible You are Responsible Priority Comment
Gas or electric cooker point A
Kitchen cupboards A
Fit extra cupboards
Sink (bowl and drainer) A Unless you fitted it
Sinks – plugs and chains
Taps – fit new washers A
Taps which cannot be turned A
Repair extractor fan A Unless you fitted it
Bath and shower A Unless you fitted it
Bath – plugs and chains
Toilet cisterns (ball valve and washers) A Unless it is an emergency
Toilet not working (if there is only one in the property) E
Toilet not working (if there are two in the property) A
Taps – fit new washers A
Taps which cannot be turned A
Extractor fan (internal) A
No water supply E
Burst pipe, tank or cylinder E
Water cylinder or tank A
Downpipes (rain or soil) A
Guttering A
Blocked drains and sewers E You must keep them clean
Hot-water supply A
Washing machine fittings Unless we fitted them
Overflows E
Insulating or lagging pipes and tanks A
Toilet seats
Bath panels
Windows and doors
Glass in windows and doors A Unless broken by you, a family member or visitor
Frames and fittings A
Fire doors in shared areas A
Insecure or seized window, lock or door E* *within 2 hour if one and only entry to property is blocked or special circumstances apply
Replace lost keys or change a lock Ask about rechargeable repairs
Switches and sockets A Unless dangerous
Pull cords to light switches A
Immersion heaters
Strip lights fittings
Strip light tubes & starter motors
Central Heating
Repair back boiler E We will make it safe and then repair as priority A
Blocked flue to open fire or boiler E
All other heating A Call the Customer Service Centre for details
Inside structure
Ceilings (repairs) A
Floors A Not floor coverings you have fitted
Skirting boards and architraves A
Stairs (inside) A Unless dangerous
Stair tread (rotten) A Unless dangerous
Handrail A
Floorboards A Unless dangerous
Plastering A
Tiles – walls, splashbacks and window cills A Unless you have fitted them
Outside and structure
Brickwork and pointing A Unless dangerous
Walls A Unless dangerous
Chimney pots A Unless dangerous
Sweeping the chimney and flue Unless solid fuel
Outside woodwork P Before painting is carried out
Steps to entrances A Unless dangerous
Porches and canopies A Unless you have fitted them
Roof repairs (tile and felt roofs) A Unless dangerous
Roof insulation P
Out buildings and stores P Unless dangerous
Fencing P Except in shared areas or if bordering a path
Paths – garden
Paths from door to pavement A Unless dangerous
Gate - front A
Gate – back & side
Garages A
Extra garage lock
TV aerial
TV aerial (shared) A
Inside decorating
Outside decorating or rendering P
Clothes lines, posts and hooks Unless shared, then priority P
Drives and parking spaces Unless shared, then priority P or A for emergency
Pest/rodents – communal area or garden
Pests/rodents – your home or garden