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Payment of Rent and Service Charges

We have listed below the various ways you can pay your rent.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment. You can request a form to set up a Direct Debit by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0300 003 5454.

Payments are normally collected on the first working day of each calendar month or at the beginning of each fortnight your rent is due. When we receive your signed form, we’ll set everything up and you will receive written confirmation of your payments and the dates they will be taken.

allpay Payment App

The allpay app can be downloaded via the Apple App store, Windows Phone store or Google Play, enabling you to pay your rent from your phone or tablet.

Debit Card

Call our payment line on 01562 733007 to speak to a member of our Finance Team (available Monday – Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm). You will then be transferred to a secure automated line to complete your payment. You will need your rent reference number to complete the payment.

Post Office, and PayPoint outlets

You will need your allpay payment card to pay at these locations. The Post Office accepts cash, cheques and debit card payments (cheques made payable to Post Office). PayPoint outlets accept cash. Please keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Automated 24 hour phoneline

Call 0330 041 6497 to make a debit card payment. You will also need an allpay payment card.

Text payments

You can pay your rent via text message at any time of the day. Just log on to to register.

Standing Order, BACS or Electronic Home Banking

Instruct your bank to make payments directly to Community Housing or transfer funds to our bank account, using the following details:

Account name = Community Housing Rent
Sort code = 20-46-14
Account number = 30124222
Description = Your Property Rent Reference number. *

* It is essential to include your rent reference number in the description field otherwise we will not know who has made the payment.

Housing Benefit payments direct to you

If your rent is paid by Housing Benefit Direct to you, you can ask your local council to pay your rent direct to us.

Your Responsibilities

Paying rent in advance is your responsibility and your rent account should never be in arrears.

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit you must move into your home as soon as your tenancy starts. Benefits in respect of housing costs cannot be paid if you are not resident except in a very few limited circumstances such as being in hospital.

If you receive Universal Credit, your payment may include assistance toward your rent. This is known as the ‘housing element’. It is your responsibility to pay your rent to Community Housing. The preferred payment method is by Direct Debit. To pay by this method please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0300 003 5454. Universal Credit will allow payments to be made direct to us but only in limited circumstances for example if you have demonstrated to the DWP that you have difficulties in managing your finances or if you have built up significant arrears of rent.

If you want to check your balance, you can email our Income Management Team or call the Customer Service Centre on 0300 003 5454.

If you fall into rent arrears, we will contact you to let you know so you can make up any shortfall. If you are unable to do this, you must work with us so we can come to an arrangement with you to start making repayments to clear your arrears.

If you keep to the arrangement and your arrears reduce, we will not take any further action against you.

How we can help

If you are in financial difficulties and struggle to pay your rent, it is important that you get in touch with the Customer Service Centre or email the Income Management Team. If you have recently lost your job or are long term unemployed, we can help you. Our Building Better Opportunities team of experienced Job Coaches can:

  • Discuss and support you to apply for Job Seeking benefits
  • Provide you with telephone support to find and apply for jobs that are available
  • Review your CV, suggest possible changes and make it stand out from the crowd
  • Print your CV and post you copies so that you can use it to apply for jobs
  • Practice your interview skills via telephone or social media video chat.

If you are eligible, this support can be provided through regular video chats, phone calls and meetings when social distancing guidelines are relaxed. We can also look into training and developing your skills to help you find the right job.

The Building Better Opportunities project is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

If you would like to speak to someone about employment support please email:, text: 07395 937 130 or call: 01562 733 133.

You will find details of how you get help on our Financial Support page.

You can also check if you can claim any benefits through an online benefits calculator -

The following agencies offer confidential advice services to help with any financial issues you may be experiencing.

Rent arrears

If your account falls into more than four weeks rent arrears and you are not working with us to sort out any benefits or make arrangements to clear the arrears, we will issue a Notice of Seeking Possession.

This is the first legal step to take possession of your home. If your rent arrears continue to increase, we may then apply to the County Court for a Possession Order. If your case comes to court, you could face being evicted from your home.

If you leave your home and still have rent arrears you are still responsible, and we will expect you to come to an arrangement to pay this debt. If you do not clear this debt, we will refer your case to an external collection agency.