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Reporting a repair

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0300 003 5454.

An emergency repair is where there is a potential danger to health or risk to safety of the occupant, or a danger of serious damage to the building.

We will respond to these within 24 hours according to the severity of the repair.

Out of hours emergency repairs

When the emergency repair is needed out of normal office hours, you need to call 0300 003 5454. We will make the property safe and secure and will then arrange to carry out any additional repairs during normal working hours.

Non-emergency repairs

If you have a new non-emergency routine repair to report, please report these using our online form. You will be asked to describe your repair and leave your contact details to enable us to book your appointment.

We will aim to complete your repair on the first visit. If any follow up work is needed, we will agree a convenient date and time with you.

Repair responsibilities

The care of your home is a joint one. We are responsible for most of the repairs but you are responsible for the decoration inside your home and those listed under Tenant responsibility on this responsibility chart.

You should take reasonable care of your home, including internal decorations and report any repairs or faults to us straight away. If you want to make any alterations or adaptations to your home or garden, either internally or externally, you may need our permission first. You can do this by emailing your Neighbourhood Coordinator. If agreed, these alterations or adaptations then become your responsibility to maintain. They must also be removed and made safe when you leave your home.

If you have a mutual exchange to your home through Homeswap for example, you will be responsible for any faults or damage to the property, other than emergencies. You cannot report any other repairs during the first twelve months. You will also be responsible for any adaptations made by previous tenants and any outstanding repairs that are tenants’ responsibilities.

If you have applied to buy your home, we will only carry out basic repairs the law asks us to do. Once you have bought your home, you are responsible for all repairs.

We recognise that for vulnerable tenants, you may find it difficult to undertake repairs that are normally the tenant’s responsibility. Where the repair has not been caused by your misuse, we will offer to help. This includes items like replacing toilet seats, light bulbs or blockages in drains.

Rechargeable Repairs

If your property is damaged (including accidentally) by either yourself, family or visitors then the repair is your responsibility.

If you carry out the repair yourself or pay a tradesperson of your own choice, an inspection by Community Housing will take place to ensure the repair is safe and of a suitable standard.

Alternatively, Community Housing can carry out the work for you. We can give you a quote for the repair and payment is required before work starts.