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Great news we're Tenant Participation Advisory Service members

Great news!  We are members of the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (tpas).

Why is this good news?

Tpas are England’s leading tenant engagement experts, and we will calling on their knowledge and experience to help develop and embed a culture of customer involvement across our organisation.

Our new Corporate Plan sets out our commitment to making make life better for our customers by improving services and being more accessible. We want to learn more about the customer experience and provide opportunities for customers to get involved in shaping the services they receive. We also want customers to have a meaningful role in developing our plans around some key topics such as Health and Safety, Development and Decarbonisation.

This means that there will be some great opportunities for customers to work alongside us to shape the future so watch this space.

If you want to find out more about how you get involved, please contact Gill Mooney, Head of Customer Engagement, at