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As we head into winter, although we are seeing increased Covid transmission rates, the data continues to show that the link between cases, hospitalisations and deaths have weakened since the start of the pandemic. We are pleased to report that we have not had any further Covid outbreaks or work-related transmissions, which is down to the controls put in place and the discipline of staff both in and out of work.

Based on this, we will carry on to deliver an unchanged service over the winter period. We will, of course, continue to monitor this regularly to ensure the safety and health of colleagues and customers is not compromised, and where necessary, communicate any revisions to our plan. However, at this stage we feel that any changes to our services may be detrimental to our customers (particularly to those who are more vulnerable or reliant upon our services). 

The key messages are as follows:- 

1.       We will continue to deliver business services and operations in line with our existing plan.

2.       Covid controls for frontline staff working in customer’s homes remain unchanged. Colleagues are required to continue wearing a face mask and social distance. 

3.       Our Independent Living Schemes will operate under the same restrictions. Colleagues are to wear a mask in communal areas, customer’s homes and when delivering care and support services. Colleagues who have been in close contact with a COVID+ person must take a PCR test before returning to work.