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Community Housing TECS is working with an innovative company, Tendertec to help a young man, "Paul" with epilepsy whose seizures are triggered by heat. Although his parents had helped him to control this by manually taking his temperature every 2 hours, it did not support his desire to live an independent life.

Tendertec's Hestia sensors were installed in his home and they monitor his body temperature trends and daily living activities. Alerts are raised when is temperature is outside his normal range  or when unusual behaviours such as seizures are detected.

Technology Enabled Care Coordinator, David Fuente explained "We saw quick evidence of seizures happening at certain times of the day  and this gave us the ability to work together to mitigate this. We were able to submit 6 months of data  of evidence and adapt his Continuing Health Care Package"  Because Paul is comfortable with using technology, he was able to monitor the statistics from the sensors on his tablet and recognise triggers so that he could take control and manage his own health and behaviours. 

"A common concern when installing camera sensors is that they will be like a CCTV system" said David "but by demonstrating them at showcase sites, we can reassure people that their privacy is maintained as the sensors provide thermal images"  


David explained that the use of technology is expanding the services available to the care sector rather than replacing them.  "As we integrate the new technologies into our response centres, we will have the ability to respond to falls or other incidents  and provide relevant data to GPs  as part of the ongoing healthcare response. In this way technology packages can help people to remain independent for longer" 



For more information about how Technology Enabled Care can help independent living, contact a member of our Business Support Team. 

They are available to take your call Monday to Friday on 0345 130 1469 between 8:30am and 16:30pm.

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