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A recent report by Policy in Practice has identified that there is £18 billion of unclaimed benefits. £7.5 billion of that is unclaimed Universal Credit by an estimated 1.2 million people. We are still hearing our customers saying things like ‘I work so I am not entitled to anything’ or ‘My wages are more than the minimum wage so I cannot claim Universal Credit’. Both of these statements are incorrect. Do not let myths, stigma, misinformation, fear of complexity, nor lack of support stop you from checking your benefit entitlement.

The Tenancy Sustainability team here at Community Housing is on hand to support our customers with checking benefits entitlement and supporting with claims to benefits.

Contact the Tenancy Sustainability team on 0300 003 5454, or email us at:

You can also use the Benefits Calculator on our website to check your entitlement: Benefits Advice.