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As part of Electrical Fire Safety Week - 13-19 November 2023, this is a top 10 for electrical device safety.

Avoid electrical fires and keep safe in the home. From overloaded extension leads and cheap chargers, through to faulty white goods – issues with electrical items are a common cause of fire. View our top 10 list of ways to keep safe in your own home!

Top 10 for electrical device safety 

1.  Always make sure electrical appliances have a British or European safety mark when you buy them.

2.  Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order. If you are using a portable heater, keep it away from flammable materials – eg curtains and furniture.

3.  Don't buy cheap counterfeit chargers for items that use lithium batteries, and never leave phones or laptops plugged in to charge overnight – learn more about charger safety here.

4.  Don’t overload washing machines or tumble dryers. Empty fluff regularly from tumble dryers in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

5.  Hair straighteners can get extremely hot. Always switch them off, unplug and leave them to cool on a heatproof surface. Store in a heatproof pouch, if possible.

6.  Don’t overload sockets. Try to keep to one plug per socket, especially for high powered appliances like washing machines. Check your sockets are safe here.

7.  Always check that you’re using the right fuse – if you're confused, check out our guide to fuses.  

8.  Be lead safety savvy! Cable drum extension leads should always be completely unwound to avoid overheating, and be careful not to overload extension leads. Check they are also not damaged – don’t use the appliance unless it and its cable are in good condition 

9.  Register your white goods – it could save your life if a product is recalled for safety reasons. 

10. Share your fire safety knowledge with the whole family – check the kids' chargers, and make sure everyone knows how to use electric blankets safely