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We're working in partnership with Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, who want to encourage as many residents as possible to have a FREE Home Fire Safety Visit (HFSV). 

The visit includes a home safety check to reduce the risk of fire in the home, including the checking and fitting of smoke alarms when required.

This includes alarms suitable for those with a hearing impairment and giving advice on a fire escape plan. It will also identify any health and care needs that require signposting to local services to help ensure safety and wellbeing.

A Home Fire Safety Visit maximises the opportunity to help residents stay safe and independent.

During these HFSV, fire crews or Prevention Technicians will make an assessment on what equipment they require to make them safer in their home.


The equipment they can provide is:

  • Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide alarms.
  • Hearing Impaired equipment -If an individual has hearing aids which they take out at night resulting in them being unable to hear the smoke alarms; a strobe light and vibrating pad which goes under the pillow can be linked to their alarms. These can also be liked to heat and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Fire retardant - fire retardant bedding, blankets and mats can be provided where there are concerns around careless smoking.
  • Extension Leads - Extension Leads can be provided where there is evidence of overloading of sockets.
  • Oil filled radiators - Oil filled radiators can be provided where it is identified that a household has inadequate heating, and they are unable to access a heater themselves.

How safe are you?

Complete the free online Home Fire Safety Check now.
For further information about a free Home Fire Safety Visit, call: 0800 032 1155