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With Christmas looming and people thinking about putting their decorations up even earlier, homes across the UK will be lit up with twinkling fairy lights and Christmas trees.

But with this comes an added risk, so please take extra care and keep you and your family safe over the Christmas period.

A ’real’ Christmas tree is a popular choice but did you know that a real tree can catch fire a lot quicker than a fire retardant artificial one!

If you do have a real tree, then keep it well watered and don’t spray hairspray on it to prevent the pine needles falling off – it’s VERY flammable! View this safety video to see - Dry vs Watered Christmas Tree FIRE! on YouTube.

Ensure you keep your tree and any other decorations away from any heat sources particularly portable heaters and make sure your lights are safe – don’t overload sockets and try to avoid using extension leads.

For more information on how to keep safe at Christmas, visit this website: ???? Electrical Safety at Christmas ???????? - from Electrical Safety First