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We are continuing to support the Government's "Make Things Right" campaign to raise awareness of tenants rights to complain about their landlord and use the services of the Housing Ombudsman if they are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint.

We have created social media campaigns as well as articles in our Customer magazine, "Community Matters" since the campaign was first launched in 2023 as it complimented the work we were already undertaking to improve customer services and our complaints process.

During March 2024, we have taken the opportunity to deliver refresher briefings to colleagues about the Make It Right campaign but also to reflect on the progress we have made since the introduction of our Customer Strategy, new Customer Engagement Framework and the ongoing customer review of our complaints process through a "task and finish" project.

Catherine Cole, Director of Housing and Communities advised colleagues "we have made significant progress in re-shaping our customer services but we still have a way to go. We welcome complaints as they give us the opportunity to take a critical look at our services and identify where improvements can be made". 

 Full details of the Make Things Right Campaign can be found on the Government website.