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Colleagues learning stretching exercises with resistance bands

Community Housing held their annual Great Community Takeaway event for Colleagues and following last year’s successful event, it continued to focus on health and wellbeing. 

Held at the Foley Grove head office on 11 and 12 April 2024, we again welcomed New Leaf Health to provide colleagues with a 4-point health check including blood pressure and body composition measurements.  

The health checks are an ideal way of promoting healthy living in the workplace as they give colleagues access to detailed information and an explanation of their personal results from the health care professionals.  

Three new areas were introduced this year. Colleagues discussed the benefits of sleep and how important it is to have a good night’s sleep for wellbeing and being able to function throughout the day. They came away with lots of ideas on how to improve sleep quality as well as ideas such as keeping a diary of their sleep patterns to recognise what works best for them. 

The physical activity zone was also introduced to demonstrate the importance of simple but effective activity for physical and mental wellbeing. Using resistance bands, colleagues saw that expensive gym equipment and lots of space is not always required and there are simple and manageable ways to introduce activity and exercise into any lifestyle or ability. 

The nutrition and alcohol zone was full of easy-to-follow guidance and advice on how to make small changes to improve lifestyles.  

The yoga taster sessions were brought back this year by popular demand and enjoyed by colleagues from across the business. 

The day was wrapped up with a healthy, yet delicious lunch provided by local caterers, Paisley Flour and each colleague came away with a water bottle to encourage regular hydration. 

Over 240 colleagues attended the event during the two days and the feedback from colleagues was extremely positive, giving 4.6 out of 5 stars. One colleague said “Absolutely amazing! The best works event I have attended in my career. Community Housing does an excellent job in staff engagement.” 

Chief Executive, Matt Cooney commented: “Looking out for Colleagues is one of the Four Pillars of our newly launched Corporate Plan. We want Community Housing to be a great employer and we believe that if we support, nurture and value our colleagues, this will be reflected in the way that they deliver services to our customers.  I thought this event was the best yet and everybody that I spoke to was very pleased that they attended. The Takeaway obviously aims to provide advice to colleagues about their personal wellbeing, but it also makes people feel “included” and creates a sense of belonging with Community Housing”.