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This week Community Housing showed our support for Mental Health Awareness Week.
Our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act in our daily lives. Mental Health Awareness Week served as a reminder that taking care of our minds is crucial for overall wellness.
Educating ourselves on mental health, equips us with the knowledge to support others effectively and foster a compassionate culture where everyone feels heard and understood.
Promoting mental health awareness also encourages open conversations about emotions and challenges people may be facing. It empowers individuals to prioritise self-care and seek professional assistance without fear of judgment.
This year Mental Health Awareness Week theme was all about movement. By building movement into our working day, we can have a positive impact on?productivity and focus.

So we kicked off with the week with our regular Walking Group ‘Walk & Talk Tuesdays’, then later in the day, followed a Power Hour on Mental Health by Wendy Garrett - Garrett Learning.

Moving onto mid week, we held a Wellbeing Wednesday - a day of some light-hearted fun activities to move the body and calm the mind. This included: Hula Hooping, Chair Yoga, Breathing/Mindful techniques and a Yoga Practise.
Following into Thursday, colleagues showed their support for #WearItGreen day; a day that encourages individuals to go green, in order to support the Mental Health Foundation in carrying out vital research and delivering programmes for different communities.
We also ran our regular, monthly Craft Club on Thursday, which promotes monthly mindfulness for our colleagues.