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Storm Eunis is on the way 17th & 18th February 2022

You will have seen the weather forecast about the next storm which is due to hit the UK in the next 12 hours. There is now a red/amber warning about the strength of the wind.

Here are some simple steps you can take now to keep your home and yourself/your family safe.

  • Secure garden furniture, play equipment, flower pots and trampolines. If you can store in a shed or bring inside, this is the safest option. Otherwise, do what you can to weight them down.
  • Secure any outdoor animal cages/pens.
  • Secure wheelie bins as much as possible. Move them away from open spaces or the pavement to stop them from being blown over or into a road which could cause an accident.
  • Clear any tree branches from your garden/lawn or shared outdoor space which could be blown around.
  • Stay in doors and avoid driving if at all possible during the worst of the storm.


If you have an emergency, here are some useful numbers. please bear in mind that the emergency response services and utility companies my be overwhelmed with calls so you may wait longer than usual. Most utility companies have a social media page (Facebook or Twitter) which will have service update information on them during an emergency. We hope that you do not need to use any of these numbers!


  • Community Housing Out of Hours Emergency response - 0300 003 5454 (for genuine emergency repairs only)


    If you suspect a gas leak, you must phone the gas emergency number on 0800 111 999


    To report a power cut, call 105


    For damage to water mains/supply, call Severn Trent 0800 783 4444


Please Stay Safe