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You can report incidents of ASB directly to Community Housing by calling our Customer Service Centre on 0300 003 5454 or by filling in the ASB Report Form on our website -

The most frequent complaints we receive are concerning noise pollution, graffiti and fly tipping.


Not all noise is classed as anti-social behaviour (ASB).  Sound created from general domestic living is not included, such as:

·        Lawn mowing during reasonable hours

·        Noise from domestic appliances during reasonable hours

·        Children playing during reasonable hours


Graffiti is criminal damage and let’s be honest not very nice to look at.  Help us to keep your neighbourhoods looking clean and tidy by reporting graffiti to us.  

Fly Tipping:

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish.  This can be anything from a sack of rubbish to a dumped mattress. 

If you have unwanted items then take these to your local recycling centre or alternatively sell them online, donate to charity or give away on freecycle Facebook pages.  If you have large unwanted items, then the local council offer a disposal service for a fee.  If you do find any fly tipped items that have been left on Community Housing land, then please contact Customer Services to report this.